Left: 441 Warren Street - Right: 438 Warren Street

Left: 441 Warren Street – Right: 438 Warren Street


The Italianate style dominated American architecture between 1850 and 1880. The influence of Italian architecture is most obvious in the Italian villa, but there are many variations of the Italianate style, and many of Hudson’s row houses and commercial buildings, built during this period, have features characteristic of the style.

Bracketed cornices are a feature shared by all Italianate buildings. The brackets may be arranged singly or in pairs and are usually part of a wide band of ornamentation that may include molding and panels. Windows and window crowns are also distinguishing features of the Italianate style. Windows may be curved or arched at the top, with hoods that follow the full-arch or segmental-arch shape. Windows may also be rectangular, with crowns that are often bracketed. On residential buildings, the enframement of doors is often similar to what is found on windows.

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